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Welcome to the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation) website. We were founded as a self-funded non-profit division of privately-held AngelPreneur Venture Group (APVG), a Wyoming corporation.


                                                          APVGs goal was to integrate ournon-profit

                                                          programs and initiatives with their for-profit 

                                                          businesses to collectively promote ocean issues,

                                                          and prepare them for launch starting in 2020.


The CBO Foundation will establish its principal offices in California and Hawaii by summer 2020, in the post Covid-19 era. Once established, CBO Foundation will work with APVG and its companies to build-out a self-funded socially-focused environmental brand to increase awareness of ocean and marine life issues, overfishing and shark finning, but mainly reducing ocean plastic waste and marine debris.  

The CBO Foundation programs and initiatives you discover on this website are the cumulative result of many years of research, design and development. They are driven by our Founder's passion for the oceans as an offshore sailor and helping solve the ocean plastic waste issues that impact them.

To accomplish our collective goals and objectives, APVG developed a new web series called The AngelPreneur, Building The Dream In Real Time, to showcase not just its business portfolio build out process, but our many programs and awareness initiatives as well. It starts in late 2020.

The simple fact is that our oceans represent our largest natural food resource  and they produce much of the oxygen we all breathe. It is hard to understand

why so many people are unaware of these facts! It is even harder to fully

understand why so many take our oceans for granted.


Collectively over 165 million tons (330 billion U.S. pounds) of plastic and rubber

waste has already found its way into our oceans in just under 50 years. It is on

our island beaches such as the Hawaiian Islands (shown here) where trash

from everywhere finds a new home (West Maui is seen in the distance).


Now think about this: Instead of leaving this waste on our coastlines, in the oceans or our local landfills, we can recover 1 gallon of fuel oil from every 10 pounds of plastic waste, before it ends up on a beach.


APVG's Plastic2Power business model, one of its core companies within its 

Integrated Impact Driven Ventures unit,  will do just that. They will convert the local waste plastic into power, using the syngas it produces to fuel turbine electric generators that supply power locally, plus for its water making plants, vertical indoor farms and cold storage facilities. Thereby greatly reduce that regions overall carbon footprint.

Although The CBO Foundation is mostly a privately funded non-profit, it welcomes and accepts private donations, grants and offers  program sponsorships to help fund its many awareness projects and initiatives as seen on this website.  


"Us sea birds thank you

for your help in our efforts

to increase awareness of

the ocean plastic waste

crisis that is killing my

friends."  Mr. Booby Bird 

The principal goal and objective of the CBO Foundation is addressing not just ocean plastic waste, but all single-use plastic packaging waste in general at the source, the local consumer level. Click on the image here to download a copy of the recently released UN Report

on the sustainability

of Singe-Use Plastics.

It's a great overview

of the global waste

crisis this waste has

created. Together

with our partners and

supporters we intend

to help address and

solve this crisis.

The Midway Islands are over a 1,000 miles Northwest of Hawaii, but they collect mountains of plastic waste on their coastlines, killing marine life.

Our Oceans cover 71% of the Earth surface, and they represent our largest natural food and oxygen resource. We must stop over-fishing them.

We humans allow for the killing of over 75 million sharks each year for shark fin soup, a disgusting trend that must be stopped. 

 With this goal in mind, consider that we have allowed close to 39.6 billion

gallons of crude oil, or over 942.9 million barrels of oil (at 42 gallons per

barrel) to pollute and sit in our oceans. It is estimated that our landfills

represent ten times that amount.


Sadly, the single-use plastic packaging waste trends worldwide are growing

at an alarming rate, and we simply MUST address this crisis, first on a local

level, then expand worldwide. We consume A Million Plastic Bottles EVERY

MINUTE, of EVERY DAY! Over 500 BILLION Bottles each year in the United

States alone. Hard to believe, but true. 


                                                                       Although much of this waste ends up on the sea floor out-of-sight and mind, 30% of 

                                                                       rubber-based and single-use plastic packaging waste, such as water bottles collect

                                                                       on the global coastlines, reefs and tropical island beaches. This waste has a lasting

                                                                       and devastating long-term impact not just on our oceans and coastlines, but on most

                                                                       of our tropical reefs, the island countries with limited landfill space, and also kills over

                                                                       a million sea birds and other marine life annually. The world's remote islands have

                                                                       been littered with this plastic trash dating back over 50 years and unless we deal with

                                                                       it - it will remain there forever! 


However, even as we improve upon our recycling and collect more of this waste, it does not match the growth of new plastic coming into the waste stream. The CBO Foundation has developed many programs and initiatives over the years to help address the plastic waste issue. 


Although the APVG for-profit projects are better detailed on their website, we continue to refine our programs and initiatives, some of which are shown by logo below. These are all part of the CBO Action Plan and we are now preparing many of them for launch in 2020. 

We are living in the Age-of-Plastics, and no matter how hard we try, single-use

plastic packaged products are all around us. We can not avoid them, as plastics

of all kinds have been fully integrated into our daily lives. Neither CBO Foundation,

APVG or its Founder, although all are environmentally-focused, are NOT anti-

plastic. They simply recognize it for what it is - a growing waste crisis - and merely

advocate to reduce its use on the retail level. Do we really need cookies, apples

and many of these products in plastic boxes?  No! However, we DO need to reclaim

and manage the single-use waste we generate better. The goal is to reduce the

flow of these products entering our landfills and oceans.

The CBO Foundation was first launched in 2006 by The Shark with the original objective being to build Marissa's Reef For Heavenly Helpers, an aquatic public memorial exhibit to honor his first Granddaughter Marissa Reyes, born on his birthday in 1998, but at the age of seven, swept to her death in a raging flash flood on August 9, 2005 near Carefree, Arizona.

This project, and The Shark's promise to Marissa's spirit to build it, continues to be the core driving force and passion behind his efforts over 14 years later. Today, his legacy memorial project has been redesigned to honor Marissa and all children lost to natural events as SpiritFish or Marissa's Heavenly Helpersrepresented by the over 200,000 reef fish, stingrays, sea turtles and other reef life that will call Marissa's Reef home for eternity. They will be watched over by a handsome grey ReefShark (APVG Founder ), which is why he was tagged with the nick name The Shark. You can learn more about this project and its proposed new location on the APVG website.

"We all came out of the Oceans, which has a soul that flows and lives within each of us.

They represent everything we should all long to be; bold and mysterious,

beautiful to look at, yet even more beautiful as we look below the surface 

to see a wild, yet free world we all need to collectively preserve."

The AngelPreneur

The Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO

Foundation) is the private non-profit organization of the AngelPreneur Venture Group,. We dedicated to increasing awareness of

the plastic waste crisis,

the need to  end shark

finning, the over-fishing

of our oceans, marine life 

and global tropical reef

conservation issues. We do NOT have , nor do we intend to obtain a 501 (c)3 Tax 

exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) until we establish our programs and initiatives in 2020. 

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