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Clear Blue Oceans Foundation 

Welcome to the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation) website. We are a Hawaiian, 501c(3) non-profit organization that  is out to increase awareness of the many ocean issues, mainly ocean plastic waste and efforts to reduce it. 

In 2020 we incorporated two additional awareness objectives that play a large part of the toxic pollition that is contributing to the killing of our oceans; global geoengineering of our weather patterns and Biosludge placed on our commercial farms, 


Perhaps the greatest threat to humanity and our planet are the lies fed mankind about the ongoing geoengineering of our climate with aerial spraying of weather-based operations, commonly known as Chemtrails. To learn more about this watch the above video documentary called "The Dimming"

Our second added awareness objective concerns the Biosludge (Sewage) that is spread onto large commercial farms or sold as safe and eco friendly fertilizer, despite having thousand's of chemicals that not only enter our oceans by way of storm run-off, but directly into our produce food chain. To learn more watch "BioSludged" free here.


We are partnering with companies that address these issues with us, including HumidaPURE SunWater Systems, which offers its select clients sustainable off-the-grid solar powered atmospheric water making (AWG) and container produce farming systems. 


The CBO foundation is funded with tax deductible donations from individuals and corporate donors.  We use these funds to fund our awareness program activities, and lwhen possible local coastal clean-up initiatives, fund documentary filmmakers, select research projects and outside ocean-focused organizations. 


The oceans represent our largest natural food resource on earth and produce most of the oxygen we breathe. However, we are also passionate about growing organic food that lessens the impact on our planet as a whole.


It is hard for us to fully understand why so many people worldwide are unaware of the simple facts about our oceans, and the impact a growing global population has on our planet, while taking both the oceans, our water supplies, energy sources and farms for granted. 

Collectively, our oceans have had an estimated 165 million tons (330 billion U.S. pounds) of plastic and rubber waste deposited into them in just the past 50 years, and these are outdated numbers. Covid has added an estimated 1.5 million face masks and increased the use of plastic packaging waste again.


This waste collects on our coastlines and tropical island beaches, and leads to the death of countless marine life and over a million seabirds annually.  


Sadly, the single-use plastic packaging waste trends are growing at an alarming rate today, and we MUST address this crisis first on a local level, then state, national and global basis.


The  world's remote islands have been littered with this plastic trash dating back over 50 years and unless we deal with it - it will remain there forever! 


Even as we improve upon our recycling efforts and collect more of this waste, it does not match the growth of new plastic products coming into the waste stream. 

We are in the process of updating our website content and some links may be down. Please join us in our efforts to address these issues by making a tax-deductible donation to us today.


Thank You

The CBO Foundation has been privately funded since it began, 

however we are now developing a rewards-based crowd-funding

campaign on FundRazr to start   launching our programs and initiatives in 2022. We welcome and accept cash donations and

BitCoin crypto-currency  from those who wish to help us.


We just received our proof CBO Silver SandDollar Medallions, 

seen below, which look great!







Contributors will receive One for every $250 in combined total contributions as our way to say thank you for your support. 


"Us sea birds thank you for your help in our efforts to increase awareness of the ocean plastic waste crisis that is 

killing my friends

and littering our


Mr. Booby Bird 

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Free UN Report

The principal goal

and objective of

CBO Foundation 

is to address not

just ocean plastic

waste, but all

single-use plastic

packaging in general at the local consumer level. Click on the image above to download a free copy of the UN Report on the sustainability of Singe Use

Plastics. It's a great overview of the global crisis this waste has


AP Podcast Art .png

If you want a daily dose of truth on issues that impact all our lives and the oceans, Our Founder, AKA: The Shark, is considered an Apocaloptimist: Someone who knows it’s all going to shit but still believes things will turn out fine.will deliver it free of charge. 


The Shark may seem crazy or a bit to doom and gloom to some, but he always asks his listeners to take the time to research the issues he shares for yjemselves. 

Founder's Podcast
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Walmart Display 2.jpg

We can not deny we are living in the Age-of-Plastics! 

No matter how hard we try, single-use plastic filled

packaged products are all around us. We can not

avoid them, as plastics of all kinds have been fully

integrated into our daily lives. We must ask ourselves,

"Do we really need cookies, apples and many of these

products packaged in clear plastic boxes? The answer

is NO we do not!


Although we are environmentally-focused, neither the CBO Foundation, or its Founder are anti-plastic. They simply recognize it for what it represents - a growing global waste crisis. We advocate to reduce its use and better manage this waste. We believe many of these products can be placed back into paper-based bags or boxes like they were for many years before plastic. 

If you would like to make a Tax-deductible donation to help fund our awareness campaigns or programs, please visit our donation page. Those who wish to donate using BitCoin cyrptocurrency may do so directly by way of wallet through We thank you in advance. 

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The Midway Islands are over a 1,000 miles Northwest of Hawaii, but they collect mountains of plastic waste on their coastlines, killing marine life.

Our Oceans cover 71% of the Earth surface, and they represent our largest natural food and oxygen resource. We must stop over-fishing them.

We humans allow for the killing of over 75 million sharks each year for shark fin soup, a disgusting trend that must be stopped. 

In l2021 we elected to incorporate a vertical organic

farming model into our overall awareness mission.

We recognized that much like oceans, we have had a

massive impact on our planet from deforesting our

rainforests and farm lands to meet the worlds food

demands. The ever-growing animal agriculture issue

is a core cause of ocean issues and CO2 emissions.

We intend to address this issue not from an just an

environmental perspective, but in finding solutions.

The "Cowspiracy" documentary Trailer shares more.   

By 2050, the world’s population is expected to grow to 9.7 billion people, and feeding it will be a huge challenge. Due to industrial development, urbanization, and animal agriculture, which is rarely talked about, we are losing arable lands that could feed the world every day. Our Earth has lost a third of its arable lands over the previous 50 years.


"We all came out of the Oceans, which has a soul that flows and lives within each of us.

They represent everything we should all long to be; bold and mysterious,

beautiful to look at, yet even more beautiful as we look below the surface 

to see a wild, yet free world we all need to collectively preserve."

The AngelPreneur

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