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Welcome to the

Clear Blue Oceans Foundation 

The oceans cover over 70% of the earth's surface and are an important part of our life support system. Harrison Ford does an excellant job sharing its value.

Welcome to the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation). We are a small Hawaiian, 501c(3) non-profit organization originally formed in 2011 with a goal to increase awareness of ocean plastic waste, overfishing and shark fining issues that impact our global oceans. Since then, our world has truly changed so we have added issues that impact our drinking water supplies, agricultural food production, the geoengineering of the air we breathe, and other issues that impact our health.

As 2024 begins, we reflect on the past four Covid Era years that saw more loss of our freedoms, more political corruption exposed,  two wars started, our southern borders opened, the ongoing demise of our culture and a complete disregard for the rule of law. Regardless of what side of the political theatre you participate in, it is up to each of us to reclaim our country before its to late. 


We owe it to ourselves, our family and our neighbors to seek out the truth, the evidence that is freely available to all of us so we can draw our own conclusions. Free from being told what to think or what  we are allowed to know or believe!  Free thought and expression are critically important values. Sharing the truth about any issues, even if it goes against what we have always believed to be true, is a basic Human Right each of us share. 


Although truth-tellers are often persecuted, or called conspiracy theorists, in 2024 we will start a new phase in our history by exposing the truth about the many unbelivable lies and deception that have been fed to us our entire lives by those we trusted. We are building the CBO TruthSeekers Club as one of 3 clubs, on a secure site to bring like-minded people together to unleash the not-so-hidden truth about issues and events changing our world.  Look for this online membership to launch soon.


Sadly, today most people do not see, or care or even want to deal with the truth or facts on issues that are impacting them when presented. We aim to helpo change this and awaken some of themr to the harsh realities of the eal world we all live in, and expose what may soon become a part of our daily lives in the not to near future.


Of course, we intend to continue increasing awareness of the core ocean issues we started so many years ago, and blend them into a broader issue portfolio. Our goal is to share the issues, real solutions, offgrid products and services that can help us survive whatever may come our way. America is heading into a potential civil war, and as hard as that may be to believe, we should all get ready fpor it. 2024 and into 2025 will see events unfold unlike anything you can imagine. 


The Core Ocean Issues of the CBO Foundation

The CBO Foundation's Self-funding Plan & Donation Strategy  


The amount of ocean debris is hard to comprehend, however millions of sea birds and marine life are killed by it. Our tropical island reefs in some parts of the world are filled with this waste which only grows year-to-year.

Plastic waste.jpg

Our initial goal was to address the ever-growing ocean plastic waste issues. Sadly, despite some progress in eliminating plastic bags and straws, Covid actually increased the growing waste of plastic products. 

Ever since the film JAWS came out in the 70's, sharks have gotten a bad rap. Mankind kills over 50 million sharks each year by catching them, cutting off their fins and throwing them back into the ocean to die. A truly pathetic practice and even worse when you consider that this is done merely for shark fin soup.

On a scale of issues the above may not seem all that important to most people, but a healthly ocean is key to our own survival on this earth. 50 years ago we did not have these issues, yet our need for convience has caused each of us to have plastic in our bodies today.



Over 80% of the Worlds seafood stock has been fished out, and this is a conservative estimate. Fish farming will not solve this, as those fish, eat fish too. Sadly a large share of the fish caught is wasted bycatch.

Shark Finning.jpg

As our research continued over the years we discovered many other toxic issues that impact our health.

Our drinking water is contaminated in many areas, and even bottled water is bad for us. Our farms are contaminated with a vast number of chemicals and raw sewage waste that compounds this issue. Our skies are being sprayed with chemicals that we breate everyday, and yet only some of us have the courage to speak out and address these issues.

The CBO Foundation promotes offgrid solutions that include making water from humidity,

indoor micro-green farming and alternate power generating to help those prepare for the day when water and food run out.

Staying healthy is important to overcoming life challenges. We hope to build an offgrid indoor/

outdoor sustainable farm and vineyard, that makes its own water from humidity to grow clean healthy produce & citrus.

The fact that our government and claimed weather experts continue to deny that they are spraying our sky daily only serves to validate they are. They have been geoengineering our skies for over 70 years & it must stop.


Although we value the sponsors who support our new direction of sharing the truth, exposing the lies and deceptions of mainstream media and governmental agencies, we will not be popular within the mainstream as we counter their offical narratives. As many of us have learned over the past few Covid years, the facts and truth on any issue today is never well received by the globalist puppet leaders that run our governments, nor the zoombies who have been brainwashed by them for their entire lives. 

Most people today live within their own MATRIX reality and believe whatever is told to them regardless of facts. Every truth we share, or issue we expose has been researched by us and validated with various documents, videos and public news articles. Many of which we will share or direct you to.

In February 2024 we will launch the CBO TruthSeekers Club. a unique donor membership program for those seeking more truth about the issues impacting their lives. Together we will self-fund our awareness programs and buid a diverse truth-based information resource. It will costs $45 to join, including the first months dues, plus $20 per month thereafter. Members will be able to access a comprehensive and secure awareness resource they can use to learn more about issues they care about. They can also help us build this resource by uploading content to us; including videos. Click on the image to learn more.

The goal is to build a truthful awareness resource without the craziness, so members can decide for themselves about the issues we cover. Unverified content will not be posted, and members that create problems will be removed. As the saying goes, "Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either ."

CBO Foundation Initiatives, Awareness Seminars , Store & Projects

To help us fund the acquisition of suitible land to build our proposed sustainable CBO Farms and Vineyard project, we will also build our ReefShark Apparel & Accessories online store. Donation funding, memberhip fees and product sales revenues we recieve will be used to fund our initiatives, organize and conduct our quarterly issue awareness and solutions seminars, an annual cruise, featuring guest speakers, products and group discussions, most of which will be streamed to our CBO TruthSeekers.

We intend to build and place atmospheric water making stations in areas that lack clean drinking water, build and operate our modular community HUBS where needed to help provide clean water, showers, ice, flush toilets and power to homeless encampments, or for use in disaster relief situations. Plus build our proposed GridZero Bunkerminium project.

The CBO Foundation will offer a series of products through an online store. ReefShark Apparel & Accessories will offer hats, reusable bags, bottles, mugs, and other gifts to help fund our 


Our CBO Supporrt HUBS were designed after the West Maui wildfires in August 2023 that left thousands homeless and without power, a proper place to shower, or flushing toilets, clean drinking water or ice.

Although we are west coast based, we intend to hold our quarterly seminars in multiple locations. The goal is to spread the truth on issues that impact our lives so those who attend can plan accordingly.

Click on any of the above boxes to be directed to their own web page for more details once available. If you can, please join one of our membership programs once launched, or donate $25, $50 or more today to help fund our awareness objectives and projects. We track cummulative donations by the email address you provide us. Sign up to our free newsletter to stay updated, and look for this site to be updated through January 2024. Thank you. 

"We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion.

The great task in life is to find reality"

Iris Murdoch

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