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The AngelFish Village Initiative 


The CBO AngelFish Housing Initiative was developed before Covid struck and has been on the back burner. The goal was to provide temporary housing for those displaced by life events outside their control, such as adbuse, divorce or job loss that causes someone to lose their primary residence, whether owned or rented. 

The above conceptual design was developed to sit above an underground and secure parking structure, with two levels of 193 total apartment-like 1 and 2 bedroom units. Residents who can pay a substantially reduced rent would be required to pay $500 for a 1 bedroom and $700 for a 2 bedroom unit to help offset the cost of building the property.  

Those who could not pay would be provided housing at no cost for a limited period of time. The AngelFish Village Apartments are designed as short-term housing of no longer than 24 months, as transitional housing. 

It is important to note that this is not designed as a Homeless shelter-like project for those living on the streets. It is a project for those with an existing job, or potential for finding a job. The goal of the initiative is to bridge the lives of individuals who are going through life changes before they fall into a mental state that often leads good people to suicide.

The estimated project cost is $15 million and would require a minimum of 3 acres of land. We hope to one day to be able to fund and operate such a project with the support of corporate and individual donors. In the meantime, we are focusing on other important projects

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