The AngelPreneur PodCast Series

 Building The Dream In Real Time  

Beginning in March 2021, the long awaited webcast series,

recently reworked into a video PodCast series called The

AngelPreneur: Building The Dream In Real Time will begin.

The PodCast will be produced by APVG, and hosted by our

founder, The Shark as The AngelPreneur.


The Shark will share the personal and business challenges

that led him to the present APVG and CBO Foundation

integrated business plan model. He will share experiences

that will unfold in the future, as he takes his viewers on the

ultimate entrepreneurial business building reality ride of a

lifetime - in real time. 

APVG will produce a new episode weekly from its studio - to also share our programs, initiatives and update viewers on the APVG build-out progress, provide behind the scenes features. A co-host will be added for interviews with ocean and marine experts, and other special ocean-focused features.

Video Podcast Cover Master.jpg

The CBO Foundation will become an integrated part of the overall ongoing PodCast content flows, as The Shark shares the building of his proposed CBO Estate Vineyards development and legacy project Marissa's Reef for Heavenly Helpers. This is the endgame for The Shark, and he plans to have it open by June 2025.