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We continue to refine our Asset Donations Program as outlined in the above flyer (click on it to download a pdf copy). It is important to note that all Transfer Fees outlined in the flyer cover our costs to relocate assets or transfer the vehicle and boat titles.

These fees will be invoiced seperately and the date paid will set the donation date for calender purposes. They may not be tax-deductible in all cases for contributions of assets donated. 

If you have a car, truck, timeshare, boat, travel trailer or RV or items like computers, equipment to donate, or a service to offer us as an in-kind tax deduction, click on the form to the right,  download the pdf file, complete it and send it back to us as noted, along with a few pictures so we can evaluate the gift and determine its tax deductable value.

With 2023 about to end, we need to agree to a donation by December 30 to take advantage of this years tax period.  The date you pay for the transfer fee is the date of donation, even nthough we realize it may take 45 to 60 days to effectively transfer some assets. 

We will assume the Timeshare maintenace fees and deeded property taxes, vehicle and boat registration renewal fees, and slip fees once the assets donated are transfered to us. This includes the period between the donation date and actual transfer date. Call or email us today to answer any questions.

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