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An Overview of the CBO 

 Marine Debris Group 

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The goal of our proposed CBO Marine Debris Recovery Group (CBO Marine Group) was to build and operate a fleet of combination cargo freighter and cruise ships similar to the Aranui 5 (as shown in the above video) currently sailing within the South Pacific delivering cargo


Due to CoVid-19 we have put this large scale and costly program on hold, but share its intent here. The CBO Marine Group is a joint program in partnership with our parent the AngelPreneur Venture Group (APVG), and part of the CBO Initiative to Reduce Ocean Plastic Waste.


In lieu of the freighter portion, our fleet would be designed to provide beach or coastal clean-up equipment needed to address missions to any remote site. They would be complete with cranes, beach sweepers, ATV units, mobile food and beverage beach operations, full medical and ship-to-site transportation vessels. 


The cruise cabin portion would be similar to the design shown above, allowing us to conduct extended remote island or coastal clean-up missions or cruises, once built. Cabins will be offered exclusively to members of MySandDollar$ 

(MSD$), an APVG online travel rewards program.


Each clean-up mission will run for two, four or even six (2,4 or 6) weeks, leaving out of our initial Honolulu, Hawaii hub, beginning in 2023 or 24. Initial missions will target the greater Hawaiian Islands, up through and including the midway islands, plus address the North Pacific (Plastic Waste) Gyre. 

The CBO Foundation receives fifty-percent (50%) of all paying individual level monthly member fees to fund programs like this. As paying MSD$ membership and contribution flows grow, so will our CBO Marine Group fleet, as we expand to offer similar expeditions or clean-up the regions outlined. 


Our proposed ships will offer a variety of accommodations, including facilities such as pool, restaurant and bars. They will not feature traditional shipboard entertainment, as they are intended as mission-orientated working vacations, designed mainly for adults over 18 years of age.


Our ships will be classified as small vessels accommodating up to 250 member 

passengers, in 30 executive suites and 30 deluxe suites with balconies, plus feature 40 window staterooms all reserved for MSD$ members who wish to volunteer for work crews, plus other non-profit organizations, who can obtain these cabins. 


Cruisers will get an opportunity to visit remote destination islands few will ever get to see, while contributing to our overall common goal of ocean, beach or coastal marine debris removal.


Our fleet, once operational, will also be used to launch our annual pods of GPS trackable Plastic Porpoises in the future. Stay tuned for more about this exciting opportunity and initiative, once we elect to restart it.


Proposed Clean-up Fleet

Our proposed clean-up fleet will be modeled after the Aranui 5 seen in the images on this page. Offering socially-focused working crew cruise vacations will become an opportunity of a lifetime for most participants. They will appeal to a younger or adventurous traveller and CBO will offer the added benefits of fun, with beach parties and full internet access to drive social media buzz.

AngelPreneur Venture Group (APVG), our Founders parent firm, is developing a waste management company called Plastic2Power (P2P) to become The Plastic Waste Solution Company (now part of APVG's Integrated Impact Driven Ventures business model.

What started as a crazy idea poolside one night, has evolved into a proposed global treasure hunt called Find Your Plastic Porpoise. CBO Marine Group vessels, once built, will drop these plastic porpoises for participants to find for cash rewards in the Caribbean and elsewhere. Learn more here.

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"If your dreams don't scare you they are too small.

Dreaming comes with some level of risk, and the biggest and

best dreams come with a lot of risk – failure, criticism or loss of hope.

But those who achieve great things, 

are the ones willing to be scared but not scared off.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear."

Sir Richard Branson

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