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As awareness of the plastic packaging waste crisis continues to increase worldwide and becomes more mainstream, the opportunity for us to showcase those brands and product manufacturers who support better plastic packaging strategies or waste management. We will hold those brands accountable for their part - without pointing fingers, and recognize those who help support the reduction of plastic packaging or better  waste solutions.


This growing waste problem will not solve itself!  It can only be solved if all parties come together to solve it. This includes

the consumer, packaging manufacturers and retailers working together to solve it. We will feature the brands and the product manufacturers who support our awareness programs, initiatives, and a viable waste management solution. We will also feature those who do not support such efforts.


Again, the CBO Foundation will never place direct blame on any single party, brand or governmental agency for this waste crisis reaching its current level. The time for blame has long since passed. We are now living in the "Age of Solutions," 

which we intend to drive forward through our unique brand sponsored program and initiatives beginning in 2021.


In the meantime, we will offer our limited 50 Founding brand Advertisers (CBO Ad Partners), the opportunity to place a 250 x 125 pixel Banner Ad, which will appear on the top of all CBO Foundation web pages and rotate at a 1 every 50 page views (or more with less advertisers). All Ads will be linked directly to their websites or offers as they shall determine.

In addition, our initial 50 Founding CBO Ad Partners will be recognized online and showcased with a listing as a brand that recognizes the importance of addressing and solving the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis, with logo, a brief description and direct link as they shall determine. 


In January 2020, we will convert the ad system where AD Partners provide a minimum deposit of $2,500 as a deposit amount that will be drawn down at a rate of $0.005 per Ad Impression (ADI), until the account reaches a $100 value. At that time the CBO Ad Partner will be sent a notice to either renew with additional deposit fonds, or cancel their Ad Partner Agreement. They will have access to a website that tracks their page views in real time.

Our active Founding CBO Ad Partners will receive the first rights to all future program and limited initiative sponsorship opportunities, Ocean Messenger Magazine Ads and yet to be developed events. Twenty (20) CBO AD Partnerships will be available to individuals, with thirty (30)) available to corporate brands or related non-profit organizations. All are sold on a first come, first paid basis, subject to our approval. 

A waiting list will be established for those seeking to join this initial Ad Partnership program after the 50 Founding CBO Ad Partner Slots have been sold. Slots will come available only after the Founding CBO Ad Partner either cancels their Ad Partnership, or they fail to renew funds within 30 days of reaching the $100 base amount. If offered, new advertisers

will become CBO AD Partners, not "Founding" CBO Ad Partners, and some benefits may not be offered.

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