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As awareness of the plastic packaging waste crisis continues to increase worldwide and becomes more mainstream, the opportunity for us to showcase those brands and product manufacturers who support better plastic packaging strategies or waste management is more important than ever. Equally true is the unexcusable fact that nearly a million people in Califonia lack clean water, despite millions of dollars being spent offshore to help others and fight wars. 

This growing waste problem will not solve itself!  It can only be solved if all parties come together to solve it. This includes the consumer, packaging manufacturers and retailers working together to solve it. We will feature the brands and the product manufacturers who support our awareness programs, initiatives, and a viable waste management solution. We will also feature those who do not support such efforts.

Solving the lack of clean water issue, however, can be solved cost-effectively if the funding and political will exists to solve them. Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) solutions are proven and have delivered water to third world countries and the most remote regions of the world for over a hundred years. No one should lack clean water, it is the most essential part of life.

The CBO Foundation will never place direct blame on any single party, brand or governmental agency for any of the issues we address. We are solution-focused, and simple believe that the time for blame has long since passed. We are now living in the "Age of Solutions," which we intend to drive forward through our brand sponsored programs and initiatives.

We are building a new more dynamic website for launch in early 2024. For an initial $5,000 fee we are offering 50 Founding brand Advertisers (CBO Ad Partners), the opportunity to place a 250 x 125 pixel Banner Ad on our site. It will appear on the top of all CBO Foundation web pages and rotate on a 1 every 50 page views basis (or more with less advertisers) All Ads will be linked directly to a dedicated webpage, where visitors can access their websites or offers as they determine.


Our 50 Founding CBO Ad Partners will be recognized both online and showcased in our quarterly Ocean Messenger Magazine, with a listing, logo and brief description that recognizes them for addressing and helping solve the single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They will also be showcased within our Maui office and we will distribute their litrature. Solving the plastic waste crisis needs to be a team effort working together. 

A waiting list will be established for those seeking to join this initial Ad Partnership program after the 50 Founding CBO Ad Partner Slots have been sold. Slots will come available only after the Founding CBO Ad Partner either cancels their Ad Partnership, or they fail to renew funds within 30 days of reaching the $100 base amount. If offered, new advertisers will become CBO AD Partners, not "Founding" CBO Ad Partners, and some benefits may not be offered.

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