An Overview of the CBO

 PlasticPreneurs Program

The CBO Foundation, in its commitment to help clean up local beaches, remote coastlines, islands and reefs, will develop and launch its CBO PlasticPreneurs program in ocean-front communities or regions worldwide. 

Designed as a proposed local franchise-like activist operation, we intend to build a network of local regional ocean activist groups to plan and conduct regular volunteer coastal clean-up events, which we will help fund or sponsor. 

Our goal is to also build and use our proposed CBO Marine Debris Recovery Group being developed by APVG, our signature partner, to assist and support the larger clean-up missions, provide needed equipment and manage the logistics. 

We hope to build our initial CBO PlasticPreneur relationships within most popular destination beach resort areas in Hawaii, the Caribbean, California and the South Pacific, where we will maintain a regional CBO Marine Group location with the cleaning equipment, tools and other items needed to get the job done, once they are launched.


We will track the amount of trash collected and plastic waste will be diverted to a local Waste2Cash Collection Center, or directly to a regional waste processing hub operated by Plastic2Power a signature program sponsor.  

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