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An Overview of the CBO Foundation Initative 

Celebrities for Clean Drinking Water 


The Clear Blue Oceans Foundation is determined to address the lack of quality drinking water in California, among other issues. It developed and launched its Celebrities for Clean Drinking Water Initiative (Celebrity Initiative) to help bring celebrities and others who live or have homes within California together in a purpose-driven initiative with a set of defined objectives as follows:


1.   Increase awareness of the ongoing lack of water and water quality issues within California, where an estimated one million residents still do not have access to clean drinking water, with over 350 small water districts at best having contaminated drinking water, despite a bill signed over 12 years ago that states “access to clean drinking water is a human right”.


2.   Bring actors, atheletes, muscians and others together to help fund efforts to provide 18 or more CBO Drinking Water Stations (as shown in the renedering), to areas that do not currently have access to clean water and or depend on plastic bottled water, that itself is not safe to drink in most cases. These stand alone water station units can provide over 200 gallons of safe, clean drinking water made from local humidity daily, and more if state funding grants can be obtained. 


CBO Water Station.jpg

The above CBO Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) Stations with custom storage tank will cost approximately $150,000 each to build, install and service the first year. The Watergen M PRO AWG units are built in the United States and can be operational within 90 days, subject to funding. Our goal is to raise up to $5 million to fund this initiative for the first two years, and place them where needed.


3.   Invest in and promote the development of a regional network of larger scale AWG water production facilities to help address the water issues of small regional water districts, and rural communities, while working with California politicans, water activists and agencies to seek tax credits, grants, funding and other incentives to allow the private sector to expand the use of AWG systems to address the water issues. 


4.   Acquire AWG drinking water packaged in 24 oz aluminum, 22 oz refillable cans, and five gallon bottles, and distribute these at no cost to impacted residents in Maui, and California if a water station can not be placed near them. At the same rime eliminating plastic water bottle waste, much of which ends up in our landfills and oceans, thereby reducing carbon footprints.


5.   Build a number of modular AWG relief HUBS that can be dispatched to disaster zones or the growing homeless encampments to provide up to 1,500 Gallons Per Day (GPD) of safe drinking water, 8 hot water shower stalls, 8 private washrooms with flushing toilets, an off-grid power source and 1,000 pounds of cubed ICE daily to help those who have no place to turn.


We have partnered with GridZero Inc. an AWG solutions design/build company, and with HumidaPURE AirWater Inc which intends to build a 24,000 GPD water production facility in Camarillo, California in 2024. Our Celebrity Initiative is designed to showcase the ongoing water issues to drive the state to at minimum consider funding or using viable AWG solutions in addressing the water quality issues they can help resolve


GridZero is working with state political leaders, water agencies, and water activists to seek AWG tax credits and incentives to allow private and commercial users integrate AWG solutions into their operations. It drafted and submitted its Atmospheric Drinking Water Solutions Act proposal to address the issues.


HumidaPURE, a recently formed California company is branding its AirWater for sale to consumers in cans to eliminate plastic bottle waste and in bulk to commercial water users. They are out to challenge the large water bottle brands that have profited extensively by draining public water resources at no cost, impacting regional water supplies.  


While the federal government sends billions of tax dollars on offshore wars and state agencies drag their feet in solving the smaller regional water issues, despite having hundreds of millions of dollars to address them, it is once again left up to We The People to address and solve these core issues.

We are seeking up to $10 million in donations to address the lack of water issues, all of which can be validated with published reports on our websites, and state agencies. We ask those who care about the right to clean drinking water in California to contribute today with a tax deductible donation.


As an alternate, Celebrities may wish to participate in AirWater Partners, LP, a proposed $25 million California Limited Partnership currently being developed outside the foundation to build the necessary water production facilities and obtain equipment to drive the AWG movement within California. Contact Peter Ortmann to learn more about this.


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