An Overview of the Proposed

 Clear Blue Oceans Vineyards 

The Santa Ynez Valley region of Santa Barbara County, California, is considered one of the best wine growing regions in the world. This is the area we hope to secure a suitable existing vineyard and winery or large land parcel where we can build our proposed Aquarium themed estate vineyard, winery and tasting room.

Our Vineyard and CBO Wine brands will become part of our long-term funding strategy as we set out to "Save A Fish with Every Glass" consumed.


Our Founders have several favorite local wineries, but Vincent Vineyards (in the above video) is built in the first class style and quality we intend to incorporate. The CBO Foundation will make its Estate Vineyard the principal foundation offices once complete.


Our goal will be to educate the general public about the oceans and the issues they face, from plastic waste to overfishing and shark fining. We look forward to starting this journey in 2021, and APVG's The AngelPreneur PodCast Series will take its subscribers along for the ride of their life.



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