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CBO Foundation Donations Page 

CBO Medallion Poster.jpg

The above proofs of our CBO Silver Sanddollar Medallions consist of 1 ounce .999 silver with 22 karet gold plating and hand painted blue logo

The Clear Blue Oceans Foundation is a tax exempt 501c(3) Hawaiian non profit dedicated to increasing awareness of important environmental issues that impact our oceans, agriculture, food and health. We are now also committing to the long-term rebuilding of Lahaina Town and West Maui Hawaii, after the devastating wildwildfire that occurred in August 2023.  Kindly help support our efforts with a donation today. Thank you! 

Our Tax Exempt IRS Notice


To make a direct contribution

to us in cash, please send it to

us through to                     


To make a direct contribution via credit card, please click on our PayPal donation button on the left.                    


If you wish to make a corporate

or individual donation by check,

you can send them to us at:  

Clear Blue Oceans Foundation, 

275 E Hillcrest Dr #160/195

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Our Bitcoin wallet is held on CoinBase, and you can

donate bitcoins into the Wallet shown below:

CBO 501.jpg

Wallet: 33VxHF4fw2Bziw9U4cUFTUb4btmM3MYYYT

Although a Coinbase account is not required to send us Bitcoin, if you would like to establish a free wallet on CoinBase click here.

Visit our FundRazr campaign to help build and place our CBO Drinking Water Stations into the areas of California that lack access to safe clean water.   

CBO Asset Donations.jpg

The Clear Blue Oceans Foundation also accepts Asset Donations such as Vehicles, boats, RV's, Land and Timeshares. Click on the image to the left to download a pdf copy of our Asset Donation program, the items we seek and what we do with them.  Visit the Asset donation page for more details. 


The Clear Blue Oceans Foundation is a validated tax-deductible public charity by Paypal and Venmo for direct cash donations. 

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