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Introducing the CBO Treasure Hunt

 Find Your Plastic Porpoise

Porpoise Tracker Screen Shot.png

Estimates suggest that 8 to 12 million U.S. TONS of plastic waste finds itself into our oceans each year. This as the result of mainly storm run-off, often due to the direct impact of hurricanes and flooding, dumping by container vessels, and even from small cruise ships. 


The misguided belief has always been that our oceans are too large for this to have any effect. That is, however, incorrect, because it has a huge impact on the oceans, on marine life, our reefs, coastlines and even our health. At the heart of this point of view is the fact most people simply do not understand the issues or how plastic ends up in and travel upon the oceans.


Being the creative entrepreneur, our founder, The Shark, developed an exciting global treasure hunt called "Find Your Plastic Porpoise" to promote a better understanding of just how plastic waste moves among the ocean currents, to find its way to some far off island beach or coastline.

                                            The Shark conceived this idea while having dinner by his                                              pool one night watching his floating plastic dolphin pool

                                            chlorinator. Using a larger version of that plastic dolphin

                                            or porpoise, he designed a simple modification that

                                            equipped it with a custom internal GPS tracking unit run

                                            by a five (5) year battery pack to power the unit. 


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have delayed this program and now plan to launch the program in late 2021, during a cruise through the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. We intend to  drop 7 sets or "PODS" of 50 GPS trackable Plastic Porpoises each (see map on below).













We are also building a mobilized website and a virtual Porpoise Hunter game-like challenge where participants can locate porpoises within retail isles of their local stores to win cash prizes, free trips and merchandise. This will be available in 2021 to our free MSD$ StarFish members.


Our Porpoise Tracker (screen shown on top)

will allow our paying MSD$ members to track

the PODS. We will ping the porpoises twice

daily to determine their current location. All

members can set out to find a Porpoise and

return them to us for a cash reward, while

learning about how plastic travels the oceans.


Why would someone want to do that you ask?  Because each POD of "50 Porpoises" will be worth up to USD $530,000 in real treasure - cash prize money - $3.7 million in total. Cash rewards are paid for by our program sponsors, online website advertising income and membership fee income. Only MSD$ members CAN participate in this program.


PRIZES: One Porpoise found from each POD will be worth $100,000, 2 are worth $50,000 each, 5 are worth $20,000, 10 are worth $10,000, 20 are worth $5,000 and 12 are worth $2,500 each, if found and returned within three years of drop. All those returned 37 months or later after drop date are worth $500.

Under the program, once a Porpoise Tracker (participant) finds one or more Plastic Porpoise(s) (Max 5) they simply enter the unique serial number found on the Porpoise into the Tracker website to discover what their Porpoise Cash Reward is worth. Certain rules will apply, and they must be returned sealed to allow us to vary the code noted inside.


MSD$ members will also earn virtual SandDollar$ (SD$) for viewing a daily sponsored plastic factoid, message or news item, plus additional SD$ for other interactions online such as taking surveys, and visiting program sponsor web pages. 


It's a modern day plastic treasure hunt, so to speak, that will engage users worldwide in the CBO ocean issue awareness platform, while self-educating

those enrolled. At the same time, as the MSD$ membership grows, we will be able to fund more drops and local area coastal clean-up projects.

Porpoise System.jpg
Pool Porpoise.png
20121Caribbean Porpoise Drop.jpg
Porpoise header2.jpg
caribb beach trash2.jpg

As part of our Caribbean Waste Initiative we intend to launch a proposed plastic waste treasure hunt called Find Your Plastic Porpoise - to help increase awareness of how plastic waste moves within our oceans. 

In the future, we hope to also drop them into the North Pacific, to increase awareness of the waste issues there, like the Midway Islands, hundreds of miles away from Honolulu, Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean as seen above, which are

littered with tons of debris. We hope to help clean up this and countless other global coastlines which kill millions of sea and marine life annually. 

Plastic is great for many uses, but our oceans are filling with plastic waste at an alarming rate, in the Caribbean too. We MUST correct this waste issue. 

Please note: This is a self-funding ocean plastic waste awareness effort of the CBO Initiative has not yet launched. More details, including the legal review of this unique treasure hunt concept will be made available on the programs website prior to launching, expected to be in late May. Sponsorships will be offered, so if you are interested, contact us for more details.

We should all dream, and encourage others to do so too.

The benefits of dreaming far outweigh the perceived risks,

because the value of dreaming isn’t just measured by the outcome,

but the inspiration that comes from the journey of achieving the dream.

Sir Richard Branson

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