An Overview of Our 

 FundRazr Campaign 

Thank you for stopping by our FundRazr Crowdfunding Campaign 

(FundRazr) page.  This page is intended to share most of our goals and objectives, the intended use of proceeds and offered rewards strategy for your making a contribution in support of our efforts.


We decided to launch our FundRazr campaign with a $250,000 or more goal. Our objective is to start building a base of like-minded global ocean activists, the OceanPreneurs who understand that the issues that impact our oceans like plastic packaging waste must be addressed.


To help us fund the hiring of the 25 to 30 team mates we will need in our initial two years to accomplish our stated goals. To open our principal office in Kaanapali on the Island of Maui, Hawaii, and two

satellite offices in Camarillo, California and Tampa, Florida beginning in January 2021. 


We have spent many years developing our programs and initiatives to help increase awareness of the ocean issues as outlined elsewhere on our website. More importantly, we have integrated much of these with the for-profit businesses of our parent company to help find viable solutions and alternatives.


Some of our programs or initiatives are already underway, however, we realize it will take millions of dollars to fully accomplish all of our stated goals.  To get there we have to start someplace, and this is that place! Click here to make a contribution.


We will begin the launch process with our Ocean Messenger video Podcast starting in December. Once our initial office is established, we will begin hiring team leaders, branch managers and rework our website. Next we will begin publishing our Ocean Messenger Magazine with a goal of having the first issue out in March 2021.

By summer 2021, subject to funding, we hope to have our satellite 

offices open, all of our programs better defined and underway. It will be a process that we believe will lead to success. Of course none of this is possible without engaging the support of a global following. 

Our FundRazr campaign is in part a test run for us to gage just how people view and understand the ocean's importance and the issues that impact them, and us in general. If we reach our stated funding goal then we will move full steam ahead. If not, then we will need to revisit our strategies once again. 

Although we will use all net proceeds to accomplish our goals, to show our appreciation for your contributions we offer the following gift rewards: Click here to make a contribution


     For a $50 Contribution or more we will send you an official logo

     embroidered white CBO Foundation hat or Visor of your choice

     (as shown in the above images). This is a top quality hat and 

     stitch, not just a cheapie. It is valued at $25 - $30 retail.


     For every $250 in contributions made, whether lump sum or on a 

     cumulative basis, we will send you a custom 1 oz, .999 pure CBO

     Silver SandDollar Medallion, with 22 Karat gold highlights on the  

     front and back. (as shown in the above proof images ).


     Note: We will be producing these Medallions in early 2021 in set

     batches, up to a maximum of 25,000 total medallions. They will be

     offered on a first paid, first come basis, up to a maximum of 40 

     medallions for up to $10,000 in contributions (the estimated value

     per medallion is $80 each).


Our CBO Medallion holders will become lifetime AngelFish members of our (MSD$) online travel rewards program,

a $120 annual savings). MSD$ is currently being developed for us by our parent APVG and will launch in the summer 2021. It is part of our ocean issue awareness and engagement strategy.


MSD$ will offers free and paying memberships that allow them to earn virtual SandDollar$ (SD$), the programs online currency, accrue and then redeem them for free destination travel and other offers. 

Our CBO Medallion holders can retain them, or exchange one or more Medallions for $100 each towards travel and other merchandise. 

We realize that not everyone who contribute can give $50 or more, and the above gifts/rewards are merely tokens of our appreciation for your support. All contributors are appreciated and we thank you in advance for helping build the next iconic ocean non-profit brand.

 Click here to make a contribution and

thank you! To donate in Bitcoin or

another crypto-currencies visit the 

APVG website.


Starting December 2020













Our Founder will host a weekly our weekly Ocean Messenger Podcast series to update viewers on the many ocean issues, on solutions made and how we can all help address the global plastic packaging waste crisis. 

First Issue March 2021













Beginning in 2021 we will publish our digital Ocean Messenger Magazine , a f36 plus page full color limited AD space magazine that will covert core of the ocean issues and impacts in ways not seen before.  


We will take you to remote locations and show you just where our trash ends up, the damage it causes and the solutions we and others are building to help solve them. 

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"If your dreams don't scare you they are too small.

Dreaming comes with some level of risk, and the biggest and

best dreams come with a lot of risk – failure, criticism or loss of hope.

But those who achieve great things are the ones willing to be scared but not scared off.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear."

Sir Richard Branson

The Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO

Foundation) is the private non-profit organization of the AngelPreneur Venture Group. We are dedicated

to increasing awareness

of the plastic waste crisis,

the need to  end shark

finning and over-fishing

of our oceans, marine life 

and global tropical reef

conservation issues. We do NOT have, nor do we intend to obtain a 501 (c) 3 Tax 

exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) until we establish our programs and initiatives in 2021. 

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