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Welcome to the

Clear Blue Oceans Foundation 

The oceans cover over 70% of the earth's surface and are an important part of our life support system. Harrison Ford does an excellant job sharing its value.

Welcome to the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation).

We are a small Hawaiian, 501c(3) non-profit organization originally formed in 2011 with a goal to increase awareness of plastic waste issues that impact our oceans. Since then we have included the issues that impact our water supplies, agriculture, microfarming, food production, our weather and health. 

The CBO Foundation was conceived in Lahaina Town on one of our sailing trips. Our goal was to one day return to West Maui, but after the recent wildfire there, we are now making plans to locate in Camarillo, California in early 2024.


Lahaina Maui 1 .jpg


The Maui Wildfire saw over 500 lost souls, 2700 structures and close to 300 businesses were destroyed as the entire historic town of Lahaina and its famous yacht harbor were reduced to ash  in just a few hours.  

Many years of history were lost as well. It made us rethink some of our direction and created a few new Initiatives to assist them in the long-term rebuilding of Lahaina and prepare for the next disaster which is sure to happen. 


As an offshore sailor who was once an active part of this exciting 

historic town and harbor in the 80's, with many trips back since with my wife of 28 years, Corrin. 

Corrin and I share our heartfelt Aloha for all who lost their Ohana, friends or busineses. We also feel for all those who survived and must now endure their ongoing pain, hardships and loss while rebuilding a beautiful Maui lifestyle. 

Our founder, and his HumidaPURE AirWater company set out to build an 18,000 Gallon Per Day (GPD) AirWater & ICE production facility in central Maui. The CBO Foundation will be the exclusive distributor of its AirWater products on Maui, once built, with much of the water offered at no cost to ]West Maui residents, contractors, and businesses. 

In keeping with their goal of reducing single-use plastic waste, all AirWater branded drinking water made from Island Humidity, will be bottled in 24 oz aluminum cans, 22 oz refillable cans, 5 gallon glass bottles and stackable water storage containers, plus 330 Gallon Water totes for local distribution. 

AirWater Packaging art.jpg

The CBO Foundation intends to address the California water issues and provide clean drinking water to residents there as well. We launched our Celebrities For Clean Drinking Water Initiative in early October to raise up to $10 million to help accomplish our goals and fund this initiative.

HumidaPURE will spend close to $7.5 million to build its air-to-water micro-canning AirWater & ICE facility, which will employee about 60 locals. The CBO Foundation will merely distribute water and ice for them once they are operational.  

Your support, financially or otherwise in spreading the word and this website is appreiated. The people of Maui are strong and determined to overcome this event. They will rebuild Lahaina into a better destination. One that will forever memoralize those lost in this wildfire disaster. 

Other CBO Foundation Awareness Targets

As stated before, we set our originally to address mainly ocean issues like plastic waste, overfishing and shark fining. Those are our three core objectives. Over the years this grew into new areas and perhaps the greatest threat to humanity and climate with the ongoing aerial spraying of weather-based operations, commonly known as Chemtrails. To learn more about this watch the video documentary below called "The Dimming"

Our second added awareness objective concerns the Biosludge (Sewage) that is spread onto large commercial farms or sold as safe and eco friendly fertilizer, despite having thousand's of chemicals that not only enter our oceans by way of storm run-off, but directly into our produce food chain. To learn more watch "BioSludged" free here.


The oceans represent our largest natural food resource on earth and they produce most of the oxygen we breathe. However, we are also passionate about microfarming, growing healthy organic food and seeking alternate energy sources that lessen the impact on our earth as a whole.

We are self-funded and have a small crew, so we ask for your help and understanding as we update our website content and some links may be down. 

Please join us in our efforts to increase awareness of the many

issues we cover with a direct contribution.  We accept cash via Zelle online, checks and Bitcoin for donations. Thank You

Please join us in our efforts to help address the lack of drinking water issues in California with a contribution to our recently launched FundRazr campaign.  

The CBO Foundation has been privately funded since it began in 2011, however we have grown our mission focus, programs, and

initiatives that require substantial funding. Please support us with a tax deductible cash donation via Zelle or BitCoin crypto-currency to help fund our initiatives.


Our CBO Silver SandDollar Medallions proofs seen below, ook great, and we will begin minting them soon!







Under our Medallion Rewards Program - our Contributors will receive One (1) Medallion for every $250 in combined total cash contributions made to us (up to USD$25,000 maximum) as our way of saying thank you for your support. Stay tuned as we plan to make this retroactive for donations from July 1, 2023.


"Us sea birds thank you for your support and donations in our efforts to increase awareness of the ocean plastic waste crisis that is killing many

of my friends and

littering our tropical 


Mr. Booby Bird 

Heres looking at you.jpg
finished medallions in frame.jpg
Free UN Report

The principal goal

and objective of

CBO Foundation 

is to address not

just ocean plastic

waste, but all

single-use plastic

packaging in general at the local consumer level. Click on the image above to download a free copy of the UN Report on the sustainability of Singe Use

Plastics. It's a great overview of the global crisis this waste has


Maui Wildfire Images

We pulled these images of the Maui Wildfire aftermath from various sources. 

Our Core Initiatives

We are working with GridZero of Las Vegas to design & build our proposed Comunity Relief HUB

These are designed as modular 2,250 SF off-grid facilities that will offer 8 private hot showers, 8 private flushing toilets ,1,500 gallons per day of clean drinking water, cubed ICE and a power to charge phones & other devices for disaster stricken areas.












The CBO Foundation launched its

Celebrities For Clean Drinking Water initiative to help fund the placement of 18 or more CBO Water Stations (seen below) & help increase awareness of the ongoing lack of access to quailty drinking water within California, with over a million people lacking such access  and millions more at best being exposed to contaminated drinking water 

CBO Water Station.jpg
Walmart Display 4.jpg
Walmart Display 2.jpg

We can not deny we are living in the Age-of-Plastics! 

No matter how hard we try, single-use plastic filled

packaged products are all around us. We can not

avoid them, as plastics of all kinds have been fully

integrated into our daily lives. We must ask ourselves,

"Do we really need cookies, apples and many of these

products packaged in clear plastic boxes? The answer

is NO we do not!

Walmart display 1.jpg

Although we are environmentally-focused, neither the CBO Foundation, or its Founder are anti-plastic. We simply recognize it for what it represents - a growing global waste crisis. We advocate to reduce its use and for better management of this waste. We believe many of these products can be placed back into paper-based bags or boxes like they were for many years before plastic. 

The Midway Islands are a 1,000 miles Northwest of Hawaii, but they collect mountains of plastic waste on their coastlines, killing marine life.

Our Oceans cover 71% of the Earth surface, and they represent our largest natural food and oxygen resource. We must stop over-fishing them.

We humans allow for the killing of over 75 million sharks each year for shark fin soup, a disgusting trend that must be stopped. 

"The Oceans have a soul that flows and lives within each of us.

They represent everything we should all long to be; bold and mysterious,

beautiful to look at, yet even more beautiful as we look below the surface 

to see a wild, yet free world we all need to collectively preserve."

The AngelPreneur

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