An Overview of the CBO

 Let's Talk Trash EXPO

The CBO Foundation is developing its Let's Talk Trash quarterly waste EXPO and conference series designed to bring experts in ocean and marine debris, waste management and marine life together to address the issues and solutions. 


All are intended to be held within our 1,800 seat StarFish Theatre as part of the proposed APVG Aquarium Plaza Resort,, built in partnership with us on either the Island of Maui, Hawaii, or within a California wine growing region.


One of the quarterly conferences will include the CBO Waste EXPO, which allows sponsors to showcase solutions, equipment and materials to help address the plastic and other marine waste issues. More on this later in 2021.


The Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO

Foundation) is the private non-profit organization of the AngelPreneur Venture Group. We are dedicated

to increasing awareness

of the plastic waste crisis,

the need to  end shark

finning and over-fishing

of our oceans, marine life 

and global tropical reef

conservation issues. We do NOT have, nor do we intend to obtain a 501 (c) 3 Tax 

exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) until we establish our programs and initiatives in 2021. 

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