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Things You Need To Know About The

 Global Over-fishing Crisis 

The world has already taken out and eaten over 90% of large game fish, like Tuna, and before long, Sushi Bars will be a thing of the past. The fish remaining are caught and far smaller than those caught 10, 15 and 20 years ago. 

The CBO Foundation will seek to greatly reduce such practices worldwide. We will also fund video and feature filmmakers that address the overfishing issues.

Overfishing Videos Compiled From YouTube

Are the oceans going to get fished out by 2050? Some experts think so and that is scary. Over 80% of all large game fish have are already been eaten and we must manage this issue better. 

When most people think of fishing, we imagine relaxing in a boat and patiently reeling in the day’s catch. But modern industrial fishing -- the kind that stocks our grocery shelves - looks like warfare.

An in-depth look at overfishing with world-renowned scientist Boris Worm, Ecology Action Centre's Mark Butler and WildAid's Peter Knights, narrated by Rob Stewart, Director of the film Revolution.

Join the campaign to end EU overfishing - this animation was first launched in May 2012, some of it is out of date, but not the part about citizens responsibility to help end overfishing.

An group of ecologists and economists warned that the world will run out of seafood by 2048 - The looming collapse of fisheries threatens the important source of food for 250 million people.

Short animation video about one of the most endangered species of our planet: the Bluefin tuna. This video gives you the whole story of the Bluefin, with lots of detailed information and some facts.

Blue fin tunas that can weigh as much as a thousand pounds are auctioned in the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. These endangered fish can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

Every second criminals steal 1,800 LBS of fish from our oceans. Not only does poaching damage marine ecosystems, this piracy hurts legitimate fishermen, who rely on a healthy ocean.

This video explores the problem of over fishing, it’s impact on nearshore fishers and how a community led TURF + Reserve is one solution that can turn the tide of overfishing and protect fisheries .

Once considered an inexhaustible source of food, the oceans are now in danger of being significantly depleted. Matt Damon hosts "The State of the Planet's Oceans" 

This video addresses the serious collapse of worldwide fish populations.
To find out which fish are safe to eat or to learn more about these issues, watch the video and turn sound down, or up.

Excellent overfishing documentary that
describes what overfishing is, the impacts and the many disadvantages
overfishing has on our oceans and all those who depend on fish it for survival.

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