An Overview of the Future

 CBO Foundation Projects 

The CBO Foundation and AngelPreneur

Venture Group (APVG), its  Signature

Partner share a common goal of building

a legacy project called Marissa's Reef For Heavenly Helpers (Marissa's Reef), a free public aquatic memorial exhibit to honor The Shark's GrandDaughter Marissa Reyes in 2005.


The Shark has long considered this project to be his endgame, a finish line, for his many years of business model development. Building Marissa's Reef, and helping address the ocean plastic waste issues. It continues to be what  drives his determination and passion today.  

In 2018 he proposed to build his Maui Aquarium Plaza Resort & Conference Center (Aquarium Plaza), on a 500 acre site on the slopes of West Maui (Conceptual design seen above). The Aquarium Plaza Development will feature a 400 all suite hotel, a 136 unit apartment complex, 116 unit luxury senior living center, an 80 unit private residence club (timeshare), self storage facility, a retail and commercial village, and even a solar powered aerial transit system called the Maui SkyPods Transit System.  Although Marissa's Reef will be privately funded by the CBO Foundation, it will become the signature attraction of the Aquarium Plaza Hotel, owned and managed by APVG, as shown in this elevation rendering. 






Designed as a joint venture between APVG and the CBO Foundation, the project was designed to also become the global CBO Foundation campus, including our Tropical Reef Research and Conservation Center, and StarFish Performing Arts Center. Both will have their corporate offices and operations there.


The project, if built, will be entirely solar powered, utilizing several of the APVG companies currently being developed, including an atmospheric water-making company developed to provide air conditioning, while also converting the warm humid trade winds into fresh water for the entire resort, its proposed coffee bean plantation and golf course.

Once completed, the CBO Foundation intends to develop and host a series of quarterly "Let's Talk Trash" marine debris Conferences, an annual Ocean Plastic Waste EXPO, featuring its annual Concert for the Aquariums. The Theatre will also host its weekly "Let's Talk Trash" web series, and other entertainment features for resort guests and locals.


Assuming APVG can secure adequate land for the resort, it will seek to build an 18 hole PGA quality golf course around a coffee plantation, and sponsor an annual Golf Tournament to support ocean initiatives. That having been said, there is no guarantee that the project will be built, that land will be available or that local approval  can be obtained.

In late 2019 APVG reconsidered Ponce, Puerto Rico as an alternate site, and has begun looking into adding this resort as part of a larger scale tourist development at the Port of Ponce waterfront, that would include most of the features outlined above, plus may incorporate a new state of the art cruise ship terminal. A golf course would be added if additional land can be acquired nearby.


The Shark's has delayed his web series The AngelPreneur: Building The Dream In Real Time to determine if Puerto Rico is interested in the project, and moved the series to launch in late spring 2020, when his book by the same title is published.  

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The Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO

Foundation) is the private non-profit organization of the AngelPreneur Venture Group,. We dedicated to increasing awareness of

the plastic waste crisis,

the need to  end shark

finning, the over-fishing

of our oceans, marine life 

and global tropical reef

conservation issues. We do NOT have , nor do we intend to obtain a 501 (c)3 Tax 

exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) until we establish our programs and initiatives in 2020. 

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