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Things You Need To Know About The

 Shark Finning Issue 

Over 90% of all the large game fish, like Tuna, have already been taken out of our oceans and eaten. Plus we kill over 75 million sharks a year just to make shark fin soup - a pathetic human-driven practice and one that is hurting our oceans eco-systems. Although many couldn't care less, the oceans need sharks!

The CBO Foundation will feature news and updates on this issue, and plans to help fund organizations that seek to end such criminal practices worldwide. We will also fund video or feature filmmakers that address this topic (SharkWater), plus other related ocean and marine life issues. 

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and need your help to stop the Global Criminal De-finners!

Shark Finning Videos Compiled From YouTube

Banning the sale and possession of shark fins would ensure that the USA no longer participates in the global fin trade that is contributing to the decline of sharks around the world. 

Follow the links provided on this video to more shark science videos by your favorite YouTubers!! Together we can help reverse and even end the Shark Finning trend.

You may think shark fin soup is something that's only consumed in China. Well, it's not. It's proudly served across the U.S. as disgusting as that may sound. This must end.

Winner 2007 Best Environmental Film, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Awards. Six
part series, with Steve Galster tracking down the main players in the illegal shark finning industry. 

Shark Fin soup kills 73 million sharks or more every year — and it's the reason they could go extinct. Our Oceans need sharks to maintain their eco-balance, so help us stop shark finning.

The demand for shark fin soup is a global problem that must be solved. The Sabah Shark Protection Association (SSPA) is trying to save them, and thereby our oceans.

Due to increase of shark fin soup consumption in the Chinese culture, a large number of sharks are being killed by a form of illegal fishing called 'shark finning'. 

National Geographic, the worlds premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter .

With demand for shark fin soup rising among urban China's elite, Planet 100 offers up a timely guide on everything you need to know about Shark Finning. 

Shark fin documentary by MPA and Temasek Polytechnic. The Truth of Shark Fin Soup and the Truth behind Shark Fin Cruelty and the Present Situation of Finning.

Shark Fin Soup is nothing more than very tasty chicken soup. Without using real shark fin, we can make this delicacy with a bunch of left over chicken bones.

Shark finning is a hot topic in marine conservation but it is also one rife with inaccuracies and misconceptions. In Part 1 of this special Insider on shark conservation.

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