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The CBO Foundation has obtained the exclusive licensing rights to all APVG and Integrated Ventures logo-branded apparel and merchandise, and is developing its ReefShark Apparel & Accessories (ReefShark) online store, in partnership with APVG in Las Vegas, Nevada.


ReefShark will develop, sell and ship all available program and initiative logo-branded items, sold directly through its website, which is scheduled to go live in January 2021.


APVG will operate this business on behalf of the CBO Foundation, and receives thirty-percent (30%) of the total adjusted net profits, after operating and product costs, less taxes and shipping charges, with the CBO Foundation retaining seventy-percent (70%), to fund its operations.


In addition to the traditional logo hats, t-shirts, other apparel and promotional products (as seen here), ReefShark intends to develop a full line of reusable products to reduce single-use plastic waste and bags, plus a line of unique island apparel and accessories. 

Those who contribute $50 or more to our FundRazr campaign will receive a $25 credit coupon for a CBO logo hat, visor agains or other product, valid for 180 days from the date of contribution. 

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The Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO

Foundation) is the private non-profit organization of the AngelPreneur Venture Group. We are dedicated

to increasing awareness

of the plastic waste crisis,

the need to  end shark

finning and over-fishing

of our oceans, marine life 

and global tropical reef

conservation issues. We do NOT have, nor do we intend to obtain a 501 (c) 3 Tax 

exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) until we establish our programs and initiatives in 2021. 

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