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 CBO Foundation Initiatives 

Remembering West MAUI and Lahaina Town for all its beauty and historic value before the Wildfire distroyed it in under 12 hours - is perhaps the best way to understand the magnitude and impact of the loss it represents not just to the people of Maui, but to all those of us who have made lasting memories there that are held in our hearts.

Our lives have changed much since 2020 and more recently for some of us as we watched Lahaina, Maui burn to the ground on August 7, 2023. Things that seemed important then, seem less so today. We often find ourselves adapting to the events of the moment, as the Covid Pandemic clearly proved on a global scale, and yet the oceans, our environement and life support systems on earth continue to be under attack. We are at war with ourselves and only we can stop it. Most disturbing is the fact millions lack clean drinking water.

What started for us many years ago as sailors wanting to heal the oceans and rid it of plastic waste, has grown into a much larger mission today. Our years of research proved that the oceans have been impacted by geoengineering of our weather, micro-plastics, sewage,  pesticide and chemical run-offs from agricultural land. The end result is all have impacted our oceans, coastlines, water supplies, food production and our health. 

We remain committed to increasing awareness of these important issues ,and exposing the endless deceptions and lies fed us about them. The West Maui Wildfires was an unbelievable nightmare that is hard to imagine. It destroyed countless lives, businesses and future goals that we and others had set out to accomplish. As a small Lahaina Born foundation, we felt horrible that we could not provide the help and assistence to our Ohana on Maui when they needed it most. So we set some new goals.

We set out to prepare for the next disaster when it strikes Hawaii or California. If we have learned anything from the recent Maui event, a disaster can strike anywhere, at anytime and destroy lives within hours. 

One of our principal goals will now be to build a number of modular Community Relief HUBS, as seen in the rendering here. To store, then ship them to the next disaster area for us to operate in the field. These self-powered HUBS will offer those impacted with clean drinking water made from the humidity in the air, provide hot showers, clean flushing toilets, cubed ice and power to charge their phones and devices at no cost.

In partnership with HumidaPURE AirWater Inc. A recently formed California company that plans to build and operate a netwrok of Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) AirWater & Ice production facilities in California and one seen below in central Maui, the CBO Foundation will distribute clean drinking water made from Island humidity in refillable aluminum bottles to local residents at no cost during the West Maui rebuilding process, one that will take 10 years or longer. 

Maalaea Harbor Plant.png

HumidaPURE iwill package its AirWater in a number of containers as shown below:

AirWater Packaging art.jpg


In researching the clean water project we were amazed to discover that over a million people in California lack access to clean drinking water, or are subject to drinking at best contaminated tap water. We have set out to address this water quality issue as well, with a Goal to build 18 or more CBO Drinking Water Stations and get them to those in need of clean drinking water.

To help increase awareness of the ongoing water issue in California, one of the richest states in America we created Celebrities For Clean Drinking Water an initiative to spread the message and fund the solutions. Using proven and available AWG systems to make water at the source, there should be no excuse for anyone not having access to clean drinking water. Sadly millions more are at drinking contaminated bottled tap water, washing their food or even bathing with it, 

which itself is often unsafe.  

Although the above initiatives will now be part of our primary mission focus, we will continue to build upon our goal to address the ocean plastic waste and other issues as well. Support coastal clean-ups and fund documentaries that educate people about the issues we face.

One only needs to visit a local grocery store or foodmart to view an

endless amount of single-use plastic packaged products almost everyone is forced to acquire. Although we take the convenience of these products for granted, once you search plastic waste on Google or Youtube the global impact of this plastic-related packaging waste issue comes into clear focus. Landfills are full of plastic that could be recycled. Every beach worlwide has micro plastic in it, and every human now has micro-plastic fibers in their blood as well. 

Everyday plastic.jpg

The CBO Foundation is not an anti-plastic organization. We recognize that plastic products in general serve a very viable purpose in our daily lives. However, single-use plastic packaging waste has become one of the world's greatest waste challenges, and it has grown into a full-blown crisis in the post CoVid-19 world of safety, where everything is wrapped in plastic.

To tackle and address ocean plastic waste we must look at the source - our homes and local store 

regardless of where we may live. Our rograms and initiatives are designed to educate people on the impact single-use plastic waste products have on our oceans, landfills, marine life and our health. 

CBO Ocean Messenger Mag logo.png

The CBO Ocean Messenger Magazine is a proposed digital online magazine, designed to update readers on the ocean issues, update readers on the West Maui rebuilding process, and share our AWG success stories.

The goal is to also offer a limited number of printed copies to all public libraries, colleges and for member subscription. We may even provide free distribution of copies throughout Maui for residents and tourists alike to help distribute our messages. Initial estimates suggest 250,000 copies 

printed quarterly, in spring, summer, fall and winter editions. It will be an all color quality publication, offer targeted advertising opportunities to help cover costs. Ongoing donations will cover the rest. We plan to also feature our celebrity donors and corporate brands. The CBO Foundation will establish its Maui satellite office in 2024 in Kaanapali's famous Whalers Village shopping center. This was always the orginal plan that was impacted by the recent Wildfires. 


CBO Ocean_messenger_cover 2020.jpg

Stay tuned, its going to be exciting and long road ahead, but together we can do great things. Join us and consider making a tax deductible donation to support our efforts. Thank You

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