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An Overview of Our

 CBO Community Relief HUBS

The tragic aftermath of the West Maui wildfire can not be put into words, however, this aerial video shot two days after the fire, on August 10, 2023 by clearly shows the magitude, the challenge and years of rebuilding this town will need to endure. 

The CBO Foundation - Proposed Off-Grid Modular Community Relief HUB Facility

As a small Hawaiian non-profit, there is little we, the CBO Foundation could do to help our Ohana on the Island of Maui, Hawaii when disaster struck. So our goal and focus will now be on preparing for the next disaster that strikes Hawaii or California. We setr our and designed what we call our Community Relief HUB, as seen in the conceptual rendering below. 



After seeing the lack of response by FEMA and related state and federal agencies on Maui in regard to those left without housing, access to clean drinking water, even showers, made us think about how we could help not just those on Maui, but any place disaster stikes.  We all know another disaster is just around the corner, so preparing for them makes a lot of sense. 


Together with GridZero, one of our founders companies, we set out and designed a modular self-powered relief facility that can be pre-built, stored and shipped to a disaster area when  needed. They will each make up to 1,500 gallons per day of drink-ready atmospheric water, produce 1,000 lbs of cubed ice daily, provide 8 - flushing and clean toilets, 8 hot shower bays, and provide power to charge phgones and other devices. 


The CBO Foundation hopes to build five or more such facilities, complete with all equipment and supplies needed to operate them for six months.  They are estimated to cost $925,000 each to build, so we will need to secure corporate and private donors to help make happen. Our CBO Staff will mobilize to disaster areas to run them at no cost to those impacted.


We also plan to add tents for housing, sleeping cots, blankets and sleeping bags, evern some larger group tent structures to set up onsite kitchens, suppliy or medical facilities. Wherever the next disaster is located, whether caused by an earthquake, wildfire, or flooding event, one thing we know for certain - a disaster will happen again. The next time it does we hope we can be in a position to mobilize and help.


Although the CBO Community Relief HUB idea came about from our goal to help West Maui, the model is owned by GridZero Inc., which intends to seek FEMA funding to build similar modular facilities for disasters nationwide. The CBO Foundation is working to secure financing and donations to acquire five (5) HUBS. It will ship at least two HUBS to Hawaii.

Community HUBS are well suited to also work within homeless encampments, which are growing throughout California and other states,. For facilities at live aboard yacht marinas, immigrant camps, campgrounds, and farm worker housing projects. They can be modified to include internet access, and EV Charging stations. 

CBO Relief Hub.jpg

Conceptual design for the CBO Foundation proposed Maui, Hawaii water plant project.

The above Conceptual design rendering shows our proposed 8,400 Gallon Per Day (GPD) off-grid Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) (water made from humid airflows), with. 5,000 lbs of daily ICE making capacity and 12 station EV Fast Charging stations integrated into a facility  that can sit on just 10,000 SF of a Lahaina parking lot. They can be relocated when needed but are designed to last up to 10 years. The goal is to build and place three similar facilities within West Maui as shown below or as determined by the local leaders.


West Maui2.jpg


The CBO Foundation is making plans to relocate to Kaanapali by later this year and intends to operate them on a 24/7 basis, employing over 100 people collectively. The goalis to provide free water and EV charging to residents, and sell water, ICE and charging power to tourists and workers to make the project self funding. To provide clean drinking water, ICE and EV charging without impacting the local power and water grid resources as they too undergo rebuilding.


Although these facilities are designed for temporary use, we estimate they may well be needed for five plus years as the reconstruction of West Maui progresses. Each turn key facility will cost approximately $2.8 million to build, ship, install and get into operation. We have therefore begun to seek corporate and private sponsors, FEMA, plus Federal and state grants to raise $10 million to have all three online by the summer of 2024.


The CBO Foundation recently launched a FundRazr campaign will undertake an online funding campaign and accepts cash via Zelle, Bitcoin and checks or wires. Assuming we succeed in that effort, we will look to also build, place and operate a network of smaller PlugHUBS , modular 

power/water modules built in 20' shipping containers for individual construction projects, special events or commercial applications (rough design shown below).


The above facility and modules were designed for us by GridZero Inc. of Las Vegas, which will build and test them in California, before shipping and installing them on Maui for us to manage and operate. All are off-grid, meaning self-powered using eco-friendly BioDiesel from a local Maui company, fueling 4- 500 kw generators. Once we reach $1,000,000 in funding, we will order the necessary equipment, mainly the 6 AWG Units (out of Israel) and generators out of Canada). All equipment is best-of-class and proven to deliver stated objectives. 

It is important to note that the above are conceptual designs which are currently being refined, value-engineered and engineering finalized. We are exploring several other options to including providing free pre-packaged water & ice produced for us by a single, larger water and ICE only plant built in West Maui by The Atmospheric AirWater Company, with a glass and aluminum can bottling line. Once we have CAD drawing complete we will share them here. We do not need to reinvent the wheel here, we are simply packaging them up into these facilities and modules.

"If your dreams don't scare you they are too small.

Dreaming comes with some level of risk, and the biggest and

best dreams come with a lot of risk – failure, criticism or loss of hope.

But those who achieve great things are the ones willing to be scared but not scared off.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear."

Sir Richard Branson

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