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Our Sponsor & Donor Recognition Page

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Lahina Harbor & Banyan Tree post wildfire August 10, 2023

Please Support Our Corporate, Non-Profit & Private Donors Listed Below

We are building our donor recognition pages which will be linked from the buttons below once active. Our goal is to list the amounts donated in groupings, such as under $5,000, $5,000 to $25,000,Over $25,000, with company or individuals names, logos, direct links to their websites and a brief description of the Donors, subject to their desire to be listed in whole or part. A seperate anonymous category will be listed showing the total number of donaors and total amount. Donors can allocate what their funds are to used for. 

Until recently we have been privately fundied by the AngelPreneur

Venture Group Inc, (APVG), our Founders privately-held Hawaiian Business development firm, currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. APVG owns several companies that were developed to help fund our initiatives long-term. Two of them are listed below.

HumidaPURE AirWater Inc, (HumidaPURE), a California corporation developed by APVG to build and operate a network of Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) AirWater & ICE production facilities. They hope to have five facilities operational by 2025 making 90,000 GPD of drink-ready water, and generating over $160 million in annual sales. CBO Foundation receives 5% of pre-tax profits through 20230.

GridZero Inc, is a Las Vegas-based Nevada corporation and our Founders principal business. They specialize in providing the design & building of off-grid solutions for Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG), micro-farming and alternate power generating systems for private and commercial clients.  GridZero will provide all equipment and systems to HumidaPURE and our HUB and Water Stations. CBO Foundation receives 10% of their pre-tax profits through 2030.

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See the Celebrities Who Care About Clean Drinking Water

Corporate Donors

Non-Profit Grants

Private Donors

We intend to share the names of celebrities, musicans, athelets,  media personalities and others who have stepped up to support our clean drinking water and disaster relief programs, subject to their approval, complete with a statement from them on how they feel about the water quality or lack of access issues, and our solutions to address them.  

We accept fully tax-deductible individual and corporate donations in Cash, via check or Bitcoin. Please support our efforts. Thank You

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