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An Overview of the Primary

 CBO Foundation Issues 

Although we have added several new issues, in a world with many issues that directly impact our oceans and waterways worldwide, the CBO Foundation will attempt to increase awareness through our platforms and programs to address three (3) core issues as follows; 1) Single-use plastic packaging waste in general, but ocean plastic waste and marine debris in particular, 2) the reduction of ocean over-fishing, and 3) the elimination of Shark finning practices for soup worldwide.


Subject to funding we will also help fund local coastal/beach clean-up events and support outside ocean-focused and clean water non-profit organizations. To learn more about the core issues we plan to address long-term, watch the featured videos below. Click on the tile bar to go to the dedicated web pages for each issue to see even more videos and articles. 

The Midway Islands are over a 1,000 miles NorthWest of Hawaii, but they collect mountains of plastic waste on their coastlines, killing marine life.

Our Oceans cover 71% of the Earth's surface, and they represent our largest natural food and oxygen resource. We must stop over-fishing them.

We humans allow for the killing of over 75 million sharks each year for shark fin soup, a disgusting trend that must be stopped. 

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